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Randy Schwartz Headshot PhotographerSouthbay Los Angeles Headshot Photographer You Should Consider

Randy Schwartz is one of the most talented Los Angeles headshot photographers in Southbay.

How We Came To Be

Southbay-Headshots came about as a result of the many castings that Randy Schwartz Photography  produced for our commercial photo shoots. Our castings are very involved and expectations are high, thus we ask a lot of our talent when auditioning. Our casting sets are so exhilarating that we would inevitably be asked to post the casting images for our actors and models. As a solution we’ve begun including a headshot into a majority of our casting and stock photography sessions.

The pictures on this site are a compilation of many talented actors who have worked with us on stock or commercial projects. They are professional, polished, and most of all engaged. This is perhaps one of the most important elements of a successful commercial headshot. When casting directors are scouring for talent on sources such as www.LACasting.com, there is often very little time to dig any deeper into an actor’s portfolio than the initial feature photo. That image better jump off the page! Otherwise you’ll never make it through the initial culling of hundreds of images with which they are inundated. We cast all of our commercial jobs ourselves so we understand that. We rarely look past your initial shot as time does not allow it.

Compare Quality Not Quantity

When you are looking for a photographer for your headshots in the south bay and Los Angeles, make sure you compare quality of the work not just the rate. When previewing photographer’s work, are their subjects engaging and is their personality popping off the page? If subjects appear defensive or too cool for school usually the photographer does not have chemistry with them.

If you’ve decided to take this step of getting headshots, spending a little more for certain quality will more than pay for itself. A great headshot affects how much work you get and how much people want to work with you! Don’t sell yourself short with a mediocre one. First impressions are everything.

Experience Counts

With over 20 years of experience as a Los Angeles headshot photographer, Randy has a complete understanding of all of the nuances of creating a successful headshot. From the technical expertise of lighting in the studio and outdoors, to the aesthetics of creating a comfortable and inspired environment, he simply knows how to make you look your absolute best.