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Company Headshots

The southbay of Los Angeles is home to many companies both large and small. These businesses employ quite a range of professionals many of who are part of a corporate team that needs a cohesively branded look. They have headquarters in Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach, as well as Long Beach and Palos Verdes. With a background in commercial photography, Randy Schwartz shoots company group headshots in the area, with an unique and engaging edge. He uses actors on his commercial shoots and brings that experience to making your business headshots jump off the page. All too often when we get online photos for casting purposes we have only time to look at the first shot. As a result that one better wow us or it will be eliminated from our review. Your photos need to be engaging and honest to your character so that potential clients choose you for the work you desire.


Group Headshots-Southbay Headshots

These shots were done for a team of doctors, nurses and support staff  based in the South Bay. They came to our studio in 1/2 hour incremental sessions and got everyone prepped and engaged for the shoot. All had a great time watching each other on set. A side benefit was that it became a great team building exercise! With a little good natured ribbing and inspiring banter everyone’s shots were light and engaging.

Group headshot photos are a great way to get your employees to find a common bond. Our group headshot pricing is competitive and affordable. We love the opportunity to let you be you in your photos. Clients don’t like to work with someone who is not engaged and proud of what they are doing. We strive to create a once in a lifetime experience for your team. An experience they’ll look back on in 2o years and remember how great they felt.