Social Distancing Headshots

Opening Our Studio

We’ve been very hard at work cleaning and prepping our space for social distancing headshots. With the decision of Los Angeles County to allow the opening of many businesses, we feel quite comfortable in our approach to this. For our customers who may be concerned about getting headshots and portraits in this new climate, you can rest assured that we have taken every precaution to make sure that you feel safe. Here are some tips to get you prepared.

Social Distancing Headshots

All of our headshots are taken with a long lens which keeps the photographer more than 6 feet from the subject during the photoshoot. This keeps us in line with CDC guidelines. Check some of the images on the homepage to illustrate the look and feel of these long lens shots.


The photographer will wear a mask at all times and we require that you bring one with you. Obviously you will not need to wear it during your shoot. If you need light makeup and/or powder we can accomodate you, but require you wear it during the application. All other inquiries you may have about your shoot can be found in our need to know section.

Our setup has not hindered our ability to photograph our clients in our light and breezy photo studio. You will be able to move around and find your groove just as all of our clients have in the past. If you feel ready give us a call, because this is the time to prepare for your future.